Kaiyuan Senbo Holiday Park in Mount Mogan

We went on a family weekend trip to the Kaiyuan Senbo Holiday Park in Mount Mogan. It is one of the places highly recommended by friends. It is about a 1.5-hour drive one way for us and a great family-friendly weekend trip all year around.

Kaiyuan Senbo Family Photo


According to the website, the Park opened in 2019 and has 1045 rooms. It is close to some major cities such as Hangzhou (40-min drive), Suzhou (2-hour drive), and Shanghai (3-hour drive), as well as some transportation centers such as Deqing Railway Station (13-min drive) and the Xiaoshan Airport (1-hour drive). It is about 30-min drive from the Mogan Mountain Scenic Area and 10-min drive from the Xiazhu Lake Wetland Park.

There is free garage parking on-site as well.


We went in late October which is considered a slow season, and it was 1800 yuan (about $250 US dollar) per night per room. This price package comes with a night stay, 2 tickets to the dinner buffet, 2 tickets to the breakfast buffet, and 2 tickets for 2-day access to either Water World or the Indoor Amusement Park. Kids under 1.2 meters are FREE to enter the breakfast or dinner buffet. Kids above 1 meter need to pay for tickets to the Water World or the Indoor Amusement Park.

Other activities in the resort such as the Outdoor Adventure Park, boating, and bike share cost extra.


Hmm, how to describe the Senbo Resorts? It is similar to the Great Wolf Lodge in America but way bigger with more activities both indoor and outdoor. You could choose to stay in the Park and not leave this whole time, and you will have plenty to do, or you could use it as a base, and venture out to nearby attractions.

We chose the former option because 1) we only had two days and 2) our daughter LOVED the Senposhui Amusement Park (a.k.a. The Water World) and all she wanted to do was play in the indoor water world. There are plenty of activities for the whole family, besides the Water World, you can also visit the Huanxiangdao Children's Amusement Park (a.k.a. The Indoor Amusement Park), the Outdoor Adventure Park (climbing, archery, kart racing, zip-lining, and etc.), arcade, indoor garden, petting zoo, and boating. You can also rent a bike to bike around the resort, ride a mini train, enjoy a show in the theater, and more.

Water Park in Senbo Resorts

As it was already cooler weather, only the indoor part of the Water World was open but it was plenty for us and Leena to enjoy. The wave pool is a crowd-pleaser and Leena's absolute favorite. It makes waves for about 15 mins at every hour. There are various slides for both kids and adults. The large slides may have height and weight requirements. The kids' slides are housed in a water village which pours waterfalls every few minutes. There are also kiddie pools, hot (more like warm) tubs, and a small magic carpet for surfing.


There are a few restaurants and coffee shops on site and please pay attention to the hours. The restaurants all have afternoon break hours. You can also drive about 5km to Wukang Town for various inexpensive food options. Additionally, you can choose to have food delivered to the resort.


We thought the hospitality was great. They've got very friendly staff at the front desk and in the lobby who greet you every time you walk by.

We had a WeChat virtual butler who greeted us on WeChat and shared the activity schedule and restaurant hours with us every day during the time we stayed. You can also ask questions there and receive a timely response.

You can deposit your luggage at the resort for free after you check out but would like to enjoy the resort a bit longer.

Before our departure, the resort also sent us out with a gift bag. There were toys for the kiddo and snacks for the road.


Besides all the above mentioned, there are also other family-friendly features such as kids' toiletries, rope, and slippers in the room, and kids' food stations at the buffets. The kid's food stations are definitely a hit.

Leena on Hunter's Shoulders

It is a great resort and I have already bought a package during the Chinese Double Eleven huge sale (similar to the black friday sale) for future visits. We would definitely recommend it to family and friends.