The Best Burrito and Green Chili in Denver, Colorado

Finding a restaurant that caters to both parents and young children can be a challenge, but Onefold in Denver, Colorado is a great option for families looking for a cozy and welcoming breakfast spot.

Onefold's menu features a variety of breakfast and brunch items, all made with fresh and high-quality ingredients. From classic egg dishes to more adventurous options, there's something for everyone on the menu. But what really sets Onefold apart is their use of Asian-inspired flavors and ingredients, which add a delightful twist to traditional breakfast dishes.

They have two locations in Denver, one in Uptown and another near Union Station. We usually go to their Uptown location since it's closer. It can be a bit crowded, so get there early or try take-out. Seating is first come first serve, and there's not a lot of room inside the restaurant.

Breakfast Burrito with Green Chili from Onefold

Our favorite item, hands down, is their breakfast burrito. These are huge! Definitely a knife-and-fork burrito, and they come with an awesome green chili. Now, Colorado is known for green chili and there's a lot of it around. But this... this is on a whole new flavor level. So deep and complex, it's the best we've ever had.

We usually get the chorizo burrito with the green chili on the side. They use duck fat to fry the potatoes, DUCK FAT! So much flavor all around, and it's a complex flavor that is so unique to Onefold.

I am not exaggerating when I say this is our favorite burrito in Colorado, it might even be the best we've ever had in the world!

Breakfast Burrito from Onefold

Another favorite we like is the breakfast quesadilla, with TenderBelly bacon. It's a 50/50 chance that Leena (our 4-year-old) will eat these, so we also get the green chili on the side. The textures are great with this dish, they put crunchy hash inside so you'll get little pockets of explosive flavor. So good.

Breakfast Potatoes and Croissant

If you have picky kids, you can't go wrong with their simple breakfast, or just get a side of breakfast potatoes and a flaky croissant. Carbs, carbs, and more carbs, these ones fried with duck fat. Leena loves these potatoes!

They also have fresh squeezed orange juice, which Leena gulps down without hesitation. For the adults, their Vietnamese Iced Coffee is sinfully good. Mary is not a coffee drinker because it makes her too jittery, but even she cannot resist this caramel temptation.

Leena Drinking Orange Juice

On our most recent trip, we also got the Chilaquiles, with green chili of course. It had great textures with crunchy chips, smoky meat, and tangy cheese. It was a new dish we hadn't tried before, and it was really good.

Chilaquiles from Onefold

If you're looking for the best burrito in Denver, Colorado, do not pass up Onefold. It's seriously that good, and you might never find another burrito or green chili that lives up to it.

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